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• Social Responsibility

LÖSEV, the Foundation for Children with Leukemia

The LÖSEV Foundation (Foundation for Children with Leukemia) was established in 1998. The aim of LÖSEV is to support the needs of children with leukemia and blood diseases, particularly in terms of healthcare and education. In addition to this purpose, LÖSEV establishes and operates national-level treatment, education, and research institutions for genetic diseases. In all its activities, the foundation aims to raise awareness about leukemia, convey the difficulties faced by children with leukemia and their families to society, and thereby raise public consciousness.

As the ACEKA family, we are proud to support the LÖSEV Foundation. We contribute to the foundation's campaign by obtaining LÖSEV certificates prepared for assistance in meeting the needs of children with leukemia. Hundreds of these certificates are sent as gifts to our stakeholders (employees/partners/customers).