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• Our Values

Our Values

Our Holding Values:

Our core values revolve around respect for individuals and the conscious fulfillment of our production activities with a sense of social responsibility. We strive to build a strong future based on solid principles.

Integrity and honesty are paramount and indispensable values in all of our business processes.

In our relationships with all partners and stakeholders, we act in accordance with the principles of truth and honesty.


At Aceka Holding and all of our affiliated companies, we take great care to protect the privacy and confidential information of our customers, employees, and all other individuals and organizations we work with.

We safeguard information related to our activities, use it only within the authorized scope designated for group activities, and share it solely with relevant individuals.

Social and Environmental Awareness:

It is expected that all companies and institutions within Aceka Holding manage and conduct their operations with a sense of responsibility, considering the economic, social, and environmental impacts. They are expected to prioritize the development of their employees and, consequently, society.

Every manager and employee within the Holding is responsible for implementing social responsibility practices.

Energy Policy:

At Aceka Holding and all of our companies, we strive to implement only the best production techniques.

We stay informed about all environmental developments in the energy sector, share them with our business partners, and make efforts to ensure a sustainable future.

We support the environmental awareness and knowledge sharing of our employees for their own development and that of society.

By clarifying the roles and authority distribution within the organization in terms of infrastructure, technology, finance, law, and human resources, we determine our expectations from employees and strive to make them feel responsible after informing them.

We establish goals that prioritize the environment in terms of energy and water sustainability, waste management, and the responsible use of natural resources. We proceed with care and conscientious efforts, upholding the principle of sustainability and without compromising these values.

We regularly report our activities to facilitate access to information for our stakeholders.