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• Message Of The Chairman

Message Of The Chairman

We are going through an unprecedented period worldwide, facing challenging times.


Since the early days of 2020, we have managed to navigate and continue our operations by implementing strict measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected our world. Thanks to the efforts of our stakeholders and the exceptional dedication and commitment of our employees, we have been able to sustain our investments and maintain a strong financial performance during these difficult times.


While the pandemic deeply impacts public health, it also appears to have long-lasting effects on social life and the economy.


The industrial sector of our country and our companies have not been immune to such a catastrophe. We have observed that the issues and uncertainties affecting our operations have left their marks on the industrial field, just as they have on our national economy.


Despite the closures, partial disruptions, and order cancellations experienced during this challenging period, we have demonstrated a strong stance and managed to significantly limit the impact of this crisis on our companies through the measures we have taken.


At ACEKA Holding, ensuring the health of our employees has been our top priority during this period.


With this awareness, we have implemented the highest level of precautionary measures within our community, and thanks to the diligence and efforts of our employees, we have managed to maintain a strong performance.


Another top priority has been our commitment to digital transformation, along with the continuous investments we have made in recent years and their sustainability. As a result, we have further solidified our long-term strategies with the institutions and brands we serve. We continue to digitalize our infrastructure and operations, moving towards targeted full automation.


In the field of energy, we have accelerated our investments in renewable energy and taken a significant step forward, particularly in the use of solar energy. MARSAN, recognized as one of the leading fabric textile factories in the Middle East and Europe with its high-capacity and advanced technological infrastructure, has started utilizing solar energy in its factory in Kahramanmaraş. This development will continue to increase to meet all of its energy needs in the near future.


Our investments in Georgia have also continued uninterrupted, and we have inaugurated our fourth production facility. By relocating a significant portion of these facilities to this region, we have made a noteworthy leap in terms of capacity and processes.


In line with the demands and expectations of our customers, we will continue to expand our capacity in other regions in addition to our activities and investments in our country.


As one of Turkey's leading production and export conglomerates, we hope that our activities, carried out while considering our environment, will bring significant benefits to society and individuals. On this occasion, I express my gratitude and thanks to all of our employees and stakeholders.


Chairman of the Board
Aceka Holding Inc.