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Tutku Agriculture

Tutku Tarım continues its production of bunch tomatoes with Controlled Greenhouse Agriculture in a 100% natural greenhouse established in 100 closed areas in Sarıyahşi district of Aksaray Province. The essentials of greenhouse cultivation; sunlight, heat and manpower.

Our sun is the best region suitable for greenhouse production, our heat is natural heat, that is, geothermal energy, and our labor is met by the people living in our region and employment is provided to the region.


Tutku Tarım, which aims to save energy and adopts the nature-friendly production logic, provides geothermal heating of the greenhouse from 3 hot water wells it has opened. In other words, it reinjects geothermal water by giving back to nature what comes from nature.

In addition, a 5,000-hectare section within the provincial borders of Aksaray holds hot water exploration and extraction licenses. Tutku Tarım, which uses and constantly monitors the latest technology known in the sector, provides all the necessary functions for the cultivation of products with computer automation.

Thus, control and all analyzes are carried out automatically in line with the data transmitted to the computer by sensors sensitive to humidity, sunlight and wind in the greenhouse.

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