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Production with a sense
of social responsibility

We act with integrity and honesty in all our relationships with partners and stakeholders, guided by a sense of social responsibility.

Social Consciousness and Environmental Awareness
Holding Energy Policy

Our core values are primarily based on respect for people, maintaining production activities with a sense of social responsibility, and ensuring that our future is built on strong principles. Truthfulness and honesty are our top and indispensable values in all our business processes.

Our Values

Aceka Holding Group Companies


MILTEKS TEXTILE, a member of ACEKA Holding, is a leading producer established in Turkey with production facilities in Turkey and Georgia. Since its establishment as the flagship group of the Holding, Milteks Textile has been actively involved in various sectors such as fabric production and sales, as well as confectionery, agriculture, food, and healthcare.


International University
Hospital Batumi

Currently employing a total of 600 healthcare personnel,
including 150 specialized doctors.

150 Specialized doctors
600 Healthcare personnel
300 Bed capacity

Fully equipped hospital, which started its service in Batumi, Georgia in 2015, makes a difference in the field of healthcare in Georgia and surrounding countries with its state-of-the-art equipment, 300-bed capacity, and modern appearance.

Detailed Information

International University Hospital Batumi

Fully equipped hospital that started its service in Batumi, Georgia

Tutku Agriculture

Tutku Agriculture provides all the necessary functions for the cultivation of products through computer automation.


100% natural greenhouse
cluster tomato production

Tutku Agriculture provides greenhouse heating through
3 geothermal hot water wells it has opened.

100% natural greenhouse controlled indoor farming
State-of-the-art computer automation
Environmentally friendly production

Tutku Agriculture provides all the necessary functions for the cultivation of products through computer automation.

Detailed Information


Grand Grill Restaurant

Grand Grill Restaurant has been serving since 2008 in Batumi, Georgia, at the intersection of Lake Ardagani and the Black Sea, with its scenic location and elegant decoration.

100-person team
Expert chefs
Quality service

Specialized chefs in meat and fish, a rich menu, and a team of 100 people aim to always satisfy their guests and provide quality service.

Detailed Information

Grand Grill Restaurant

Scenic location at the intersection of Lake Ardagani and the Black Sea in Batumi, Georgia

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